Aruba Baewatch: Animals Who Like to Hang by the Beach

Whether you’re a local or a traveler visiting Aruba, chances are that you love going to the beach! Did you know that there are many animals that enjoy spending time by Aruba’s surrounding sea, just like you?

Get to know some of the regulars, aka animals who like to hang by the beach, in this fauna-packed photo blog.

Keep scrolling to discover Aruba‘s ocean-loving creatures!

Sea Turtles by the Seashore

Leatherback Sea Turtles

Photo by Aruba Paradise Photos

Loggerhead Sea Turtle

Photo by @najibgomez

Green Sea Turtle

Photo by Artmando Multimedia

Fun fact: Did you know that Aruba is the place to be for baby-making season for different species of sea turtles?

Show Love to These Locals: check out Turtugaruba Foundation 🐢

Seaside Frequent Flyers


Photo by The Pelican Nest Bar & Seafood Grill


Photo by Eternity Fine Jewels

Show Love to These Locals (and other Aruba birdies): check out Aruba Birdlife Conservation 🕊

Under the Sea Visiting Coral Reefs

Blue Parrotfish

Photo by De Palm Island

Flying Fish

Photo by The Tranquilo

Queen Angelfish

Photo by Aruba Reef Care Foundation

Green Moray Eel

Photo by Aruba Marine Park Foundation

Red Cushion Sea Star

Photo by Seabob Aruba


Photo by Aruba Reef Care Foundation

Brain Coral and Blue Striped Grunt Fish

Photo by @everydayaruba

Flamingo Tongue Snails

Photo by S.E. Aruba Fly n’ Dive

Alcyonacea aka Sea Fans

Photo by Atlantis Submarine

PSA: Do not pick up star fish and take them out of water, you will be harming these creatures by doing this. Also, as coral is a delicate living organism, please do not stand on them while exploring the sea. If you have to stand, stand on sand.

Show Love to These Locals: check out ScubbleBubbles Foundation: Aruba Youth for the Ocean 🐠 and Aruba Reef Care Foundation 🐙

Grab Your snorkel gear

It’s time to hit the beach! Don’t forget to pack your beach bag with reef safe sunscreen, refreshing drinks and snacks. Check out our checklist for your must-have Aruba beach essentials – here.

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*PSA = Public Service Announcement

*Baewatch = the activitiy of going to see a someone, or something, you’d like to see