Happy World Animal Day from Aruba!

Photo courtesy of Donkey Sanctuary Aruba.

Do you love animals?  We do!

Today is World Animal Day, so let’s celebrate the critters that coexist with us on our ‘One Happy Island’…

The VisitAruba.com Team would like to give a big shout out to all the animal lovers and activists who are trying to make this world a better place for our fellow earthlings, and not to mention the animals themselves!

Before we get to the more serious stuff though, let’s have some fun. Below you can find some groovy facts about wildlife on Aruba.

Did-You-Know that:

  • The Aruban Burrowing Owl – known to the locals as the ‘Shoco’ – is endemic to the island
  • Sometimes wild goats stop traffic, because they have to cross roundabouts (where exactly they’re going is still under investigation…)
  • On rare occasions you can see wild donkeys, live-in-action, wandering around the beaches
  • Wild donkeys and goats aren’t the only creatures you can find frolicking about… there have also been sightings of boars roaming around rural areas of San Nicolas

We appreciate the efforts of all the foundations on the island that work hard to bring awareness and a change to the general animal welfare in Aruba.

Share your love with our animal friends by contributing to a cause today! Aruba has many foundations that need assistance in order to continue caring for, and helping animals. Any form of positive contribution is an added push for the improvement of animal welfare in Aruba, thus please do not hesitate to add your drop of love into the bucket of progress for animals. Below you can find a few of the foundations located in Aruba that are currently helping creatures thrive and survive:

Aruba Animal Shelter
Est. 1987
mission: “The goal of the Aruba Animal Shelter Foundation is to improve the living conditions of the pets on Aruba and to lessen the problem of stray animals. By organizing various activities, by informing people about the ins and outs of having pets the AASF asks attention for the well- being of animals with the slogan: BEING GOOD TO ANIMALS FEELS GOOD !”

Donkey Sanctuary Aruba
Est. 1997
mission: “Our mission is simple. Save the Donkeys!”

Aruba Birdlife Conservation 
Est. 2010
mission: “[Our mission at Aruba Birdlife Conservation is] to protect Aruba’s Birdlife!”

Animal Relief Foundation – Aruba
Est. 2010
mission: “Our mission [at Animal Relief Foundation Aruba] is to work to eliminate the street animal population through sterilization, adoption and education.”

Animal Rights Aruba
Est. 1999
mission: “Protect all animals against cruelty.
Protect the habitat of the native animals against destruction, poison and contamination. Protect animals from being captured with the risk of extermination. Animals are not euthanized except in cases of terminal and painful illness. When compassion demands, euthanasia should be considered, because there is no reasonable alternative. Offer help and look after sick animals or those that are hurt due to an accident or in case of calamities.”

Sgt Pepper’s Friends
Est. 2015
mission: “The goal of our foundation is to find the most suitable family for each individual dog or cat. We also promote spaying and neutering programs, plan to build our own shelter and are working together with other rescues and organizations within and outside of Aruba.”

View more information on Aruba’s wildlife!