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Aruba's Carnival - Warm up Parties

During Carnival season three warm up parties are being thrown at three different parts of the island promoting the 3 best selling beers.

Riba un Chill cu Hebbe Hebbe

Hebbe Hebbe is a contraction of the Papiamento frase Hende bebiendo Heineken Bier meaning People Drinking Heineken Beer. It started very small in front of Manuelito's Bar (across from the San Franciscus church in Oranjestad) 14 years ago. It became so popular that nowadays it is one of the highlights during the Carnival Season and a not to be missed events. Aside from drinking and enjoying Heineken Beer, at the great parking space of the Post Office there is a a huge stage built for many local and international bands to entertain the public.

One of the persons that brought this event to be the one of the most popular parties during the Carnival Season was Poentje Castro. He was one of the key members for organizing and promoting the event. His responsibilities for the Hebbe Hebbe includes on stage production, producing and video editing of the dedication to. And last year the Hebbe Hebbe was dedicated to him.

Seeing the popularity of the mass of public attendance from last year, this year the road in front of the Post Office will be closed during the event.

Update: Chill beer has decided to join with Heineken's famous Hebbe Hebbe event this year. The name changed a little to Riba un Chill cu Hebbe Hebbe.

Ban Djo Djo

Ban Djo Djo is like the Hebbe Hebbe for the Balashi lovers. This warm up party is expected to happen every year, and it's the party that leads to Jouvert morning. The National Brewery of Balashi gives thanks by throwing a big party with numerous bands playing which is combined with the biggest Aruba party of all, the Carnival season.

Besides, drinking Balashi beer and dancing to the Carnival rhythms there are gift give aways during the event, such as T-Shirts, Umbrella, and other Balashi souvenirs that can be used during and after the Carnival Season.

Flip Flop

Flip Flop was born last year along with a new beer called Balashi Chill, a light version of Balashi. Unlike the Hebbe Hebbe and Ban Djo Djo this party takes place on the beach wearing optional flip flops. Flip Flop takes place during the carnival season and begins at 1:00pm and goes until Sundown. During this beach party carnival sounds and house music mix can be heard all around.

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