Taste of Belgium's Early Bird Special for only USD$27.50

Taste of Belgium’s Early Bird Special for only USD$27.50

Courtesy of: Aruba Daily

Early Bird menus generally do not offer the most delightful options at restaurants. Geared towards the cost-conscious market, one often gets a run-of-the-mill three-course menu that fills you up, but does not do anything major for your taste buds. But now there is a choice: a great Early Bird menu that is delicious and does not break the bank. Taste of Belgium, the lovely restaurant in the Palm Beach Plaza Mall, is the place for action. The owners of Taste of Belgium are Peter Ballière and Werner Vennen – well-known restaurateurs on the island; they used to own Le Dôme at Eagle Beach. An Early Bird at Taste of Belgium therefore can’t be a bad choice!

The Early Bird (Het Vlaamse Vroege Vogel Menu) will set you back $ 27.50 and is served between 5 and 7 pm. You are served a creamy leek soup with bits of bacon and a touch of mustard or a puff pastry filled with chicken breast and meatballs in a velouté sauce. Entrée choices are pan-fried filet of grouper served with a creamy sauce of green herbs with mashed potatoes and vegetables or a Flemish beef stew, stewed in Belgian beer. Profiteroles, cream-filled puff pastries are for dessert.

The Early Bird menu will caress your palate, soothe your senses and get you ready for a great after-dinner drink, a specialty coffee or a wonderful glass of wine.

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