Every Thursday

Every Thursday, Fresh Oysters at Papillon

From now on, Papillon is offering their guests fresh oysters on Thursdays. Surely something that Henri Charrière “Papillon” would have loved!

Henri Charrière, one of the world’s most famous prisoners, would surely have had the time of his life at Papillon Restaurant in The Village, across from the Hilton. 

Nicknamed Papillon because of the butterfly tattoo on his chest, the Frenchman was the first convict to escape from Devil’s Island, something that nobody had ever done before.  Charrière’s thrilling, gripping autobiography has been the concept behind Papillon Restaurant. The décor, the decorations and especially the restrooms wink at the thirteen terrible years Papillon spent in prison in French Guyana.

Some Pearls of wisdom about Oysters….

1. To taste the nuances of an oyster’s flavor, chew it rather than swallow it whole. Try eating it plain or with just a couple of drops of fresh lemon juice to balance the salinity, we recommend.

“If you want to really experience the oyster, you need to taste it naked,”

2. Dry white wines pair well with oysters. “A pinot grigio, chenin blanc and fume blanc (sauvignon blanc) are all well suited,”. “Of course, some people like them with a little bubbly.”

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