Chef's Tables Restaurant a delightful choice for visitors

Chef’s Tables Restaurant a delightful choice for visitors

Courtesy of: The Morning News

This year, some regular visitors to Aruba we know informed us they discovered a delightful eatery, which they returned to a number of times during their stay. The current incarnation of this cozy restaurant on the Bubali Road is Chef’s Table, and owner Martijn is a charming host with a deft hand in the kitchen.

The menu is International; fine cuisine with a dash of fusion flavor, and sometimes, a distinctly Dutch gourmet touch. A variety of fresh Caribbean fish dishes are featured, plus specials of what is seasonal and tasty.
We definitely recommend the Creamy Fish Soup, and the Beef Carpaccio appetizer proved even too much for one of our party to finish as a main course. This tasty, and remarkable generous portion could serve as an appetizer for three people.

Our group of diners sampled a diverse smattering of the menu, and had only kudos for the special of the day, a thick pork chop, marinated and grilled on an open fire, as well as the Beef Teriyaki and Marinated Duck Breast, which are regular menu items. If you are starving when you arrive, you most definitely will not leave hungry, even if just sharing an appetizer. What largely enhances the Chef’s Table experience is the delightful surroundings. Here is a true escape from the busier beach areas.

The restaurant is in a quiet neighborhood but easy to find, just a mile or two inland from the intersection of Super Food Market. Aside from the original art that decorates the various rooms of this landmark country house, it sports a charming courtyard, hacienda style, for outdoor dining. We found there was just enough breeze, without being overblown. It is the kind of place you will enjoy lingering with friends over a glass of wine or an after dinner specialty coffee or cognac. No one will rush you out the door and the wait staff is extremely friendly and accommodating. They have a truly delightful way of serving dessert in fluted shot glasses, providing just enough of a sweet finish to top off the meal.

Chef’s Table is open six nights a week for dinner only; they are closed on Wednesday. Dining hours are 5:30 to 10:30 PM and reservations can be made through their website, where you can look over the or call 587-8140