Celebrate Belgium’s National Day today at Taste of Belgium Restaurant Aruba

Courtesy of: Aruba Daily

A special, heartfelt `pabien’ goes to all Belgians on Aruba on their special day, July 21. That is the date that Belgium celebrates its national flag and anthem day, but this year there is something extraordinary going on: King Albert II is abdicating in favor of his son, Phillipe Leopold Louis Marie. Fun fairs, flea markets, parties and much more will make this day into an unforgettable occasion throughout Belgium, with the `Gentse Feesten’ highlighting the importance of the day with a 10 day-long party. But it’s also party-time on Aruba, of course. July 21 is the date that the first king of Belgium was crowned; this was in 1831 and Leopold van Saksen-Coburg-Gotha was the country’s first royal.

With this history lesson in mind it is no wonder that Taste of Belgium Restaurant is inviting all the Belgians on the island and fans of Belgium (and Belgian cuisine) to come and celebrate this momentous occasion. Taste of Belgium’s chef Bas Kuurstra has dreamed up a special `crowning glory’ menu for July 21; it coincides with the `Win a trip for 2 to Antwerp’ tombola promotion at the popular restaurant in the Palm Beach Plaza Mall.

But back to Taste of Belgium, where a three-course chocolate menu, Brussels waffles, a King’s Crowning Brunch with mimosas and tea, Belgian chocolates, Belgian beers, croustillons (doughnut balls) and many other Belgian delicacies will be available for party-goers. The King’s crowning brunch will be served this Sunday from 11am till 5pm for only $19,95 and that includes a free glass of mimosa! Of course everyone will also get a chance to win their entire check back, or part of their check with Taste of Belgium’s `throw the dice’ special.

We wish all Belgians on the island a warm, very warm `pabien’ with their special day and invite everyone to come and celebrate at Taste of Belgium Restaurant.