Sasaki Highway rotunda joins in the holiday festivities with brilliant light decorations

Sasaki Highway rotunda joins in the holiday festivities with brilliant light decorations, courtesy of Divi Resorts Aruba

Courtesy of The Morning News

Assisting Aruba in putting on its holiday dress is “Bo Bario” (Your Community), an initiative of the government to unite neighborhoods in the continuing improvement and progress of the island. Seasonal lighting and decoration of the many traffic rotundas on Aruba is their latest project, and joining them in this festive undertaking is Divi Properties, which adopted the massive roundabout on the Sasaki Highway this year.

On Tuesday evening, Divi Properties General Manager Alex Nieuwmeijer welcomed Minister of Education, Family Policy and Adult Education, Michelle Hooyboer-Winklaar and Minister of Social Affairs, Youth Policy and Labor, Paul Croes to perform the honors of lighting up the rotunda for the first time.

It took three weeks and 30,000 lights to create the green and white motif modeled after a classic Christmas tree silhouette and the green, curved shape of Aruba’s iconic Divi tree.

No sooner had the ministers pushed the button to turn on the lights, when the skies simultaneously opened up with a drenching downpour. It was not long, but left the employees and their families of five Divi resorts around the island attending the event, and management soaked to the skin. However, their spirits were high.

Those enjoying the festive opening warmed themselves with champagne toasts and gourmet snacks provided by the Divi culinary staff. Together they welcomed the season, dripping wet, but with an abundance of holiday cheer.