Christmas in Aruba

Aruba prepares for the holidays with fabulously adorned rotundas

Courtesy of: The Morning News

By Rosalie Klein

Major traffic intersections are becoming focal points for seasonal celebrations as Aruba prepares for end of the year celebrations. The various rotundas around the island may be covered with white pebbles to simulate snow, but the holiday cheer is just as much in force.
Evidence of this was the lighting of the Belgiestraat rotunda near the Wendy’s in Oranjestad on Wednesday evening, November 13. As Part of the BoBario Project endorsed by the administration, Aruba’s Minister of Infrastructure, Integration and Spatial Planning, Benny Sevinger welcomed the community.

The fantastical decorations and lighting at the roundabout was a cooperative effort by volunteers from Colegio Bon Bini and the government with sponsorship from Aruba Ports Authority, (APA), who “adopted” the project.
Youngsters and young at heart thoroughly enjoyed the festive evening heralding the holiday season. Snack wagons and performances by seasonal singing groups called “gaita” insured a delightful time by all.