Aruba's Carnival Youth Queen Election candidate 2014

The grand Carnival Youth Queen Election will take place tonight

Courtesy of: The Morning News

Tonight at 7:30 p.m. in Aruba Entertainment Center the grand Youth Queen Election will take place. In celebration of Aruba’s 60th Carnaval jubilee this event promises to be one of the biggest and most beautiful ones as yet with its inspirational speeches and luxurious shows.

The line-up for tonight is the following:
1. Lynn Xena Angela – Champagne Carnival Group; 2. Shandy Robles de Medina – OPC Carnival Group; 3. Shakira Quandt – district of Santa Cruz; 4. Shaindra Ashby – Royal Carnival Group; 5. Dana Arendsz – T.O.B; 6. Gabriela Croes – district of Oranjestad; 7. Sammy van Eenennaam – Reina Escolar (School Queen).

Tickets are available at SAC’s office in Dakota as well as at the gate of Entertainment Center tonight. VIP section tickets will be Afl. 25,- per person and Afl. 10,- for the general public.

Aruba’s Carnaval started in the year 1954, so this year we are celebrating our 60th Grand Carnaval. The Aruban community comes together every year to show off their creativity, ambiance and folklore. In 1955 various clubs and districts from all over the island came together to celebrate the carnaval and this was the year that the first carnaval Queen was elected. The traditional Grand parade started in 1957. Aruba’s Carnaval Foundation (SAC) was created on November 11th, 1966 at 11:11 am. (11-11-66). As of that time the foundation consisting of volunteers has been working enthusiastically and very hard to organize all the different events related to the Carnaval season.