The Aruba Carnival Village construction to begin later this year

The Aruba Carnival Village construction to begin later this year

Courtesy of: The morning News

SAN NICOLAS — The first phase of the Carnival Village project is completed. Its debut will be the Caiso and Calypso Monarch Festival. In the future the complex will be managed by the Stichting Carnival Museum. The construction of that facility will begin later this year. Once completed, Aruba will have the biggest and most beautiful Carnival Museum in the world, according to Minister Mike de Meza.

The site for the Carnival Museum will be where the Green Hill Supermarket is located. This supermarket was bought by the government last year. The project file has already been submitted to the FDA for their evaluation. The government hopes that by the second quarter of 2014 the project can be presented for public tender. This will be a rather big complex which will run from the Bernhardstraat up to Pastoor Hendrikstraat. This is considered a small industry of itself.

The government foresees that this museum will attract thousands of tourists who will come to learn about the history of Aruba’s famous Carnival, says Minister de Meza. The intention is that the museum should generate its own funds for their operations and investment in Carnival.

The museum will display everything pertaining to Carnival but primarily road pieces that won prizes in previous Carnival festivities.