Aruban teenagers deliver the message Love your Body.jpg

San Nicolas Balloon Parade

Courtesy of: The Morning News
By Rosalie Klein

Nothing defines adorable quite as perfectly as Aruba’s annually Balloon Parade in San Nicolas this past Sunday, the first day parade of carnival, and one of the most fun of them all. Costumes are casual but face makeup is remarkable and glitter abounds. Little ones enjoy the dress up and showing off for the crowds, as they are initiated into the carnival culture at an early age.

This year, leading the parade was Upgrade Music and TOB with a message for all youth as their costumes consisted of the new “Love My Body” logo tee shirts. The “Love My Body” campaign endorsed by the Ministry of Social Affairs is a reminder to all to enjoy carnival but practice moderation, keeping control while imbibing responsibly.

Aruba’s Quota Club volunteers were also on hand to enforce one of their most important programs: preserving our hearing. Free day-glow colored earplugs were distributed to all parents to be certain that delicate young ears were properly protected. They made the perfect accessories to the colorful makeup, costumes and balloons.