Prins and Pancho with the Prime Minister

Prins and Panchos took over command from Aruba’s Prime Minister

Courtesy of: The Morning News
by: Rosalie Klein

After nearly 60 years of Aruba’s Carnival, the weeks of revelry continue to evolve and add new traditions. Just before the final weeks of parades, elections and parties take place, a quietly humorous but beloved ritual is conducted on a Sunday morning. Aruba’s Prime Minister meets with the Prins and Panchos (Princes and Jesters) in all three age categories, to officially hand over “the keys to the island” and their official rule.

This year, for the first time, the ceremony was conducted in front of the government offices in San Nicolas, rather than Oranjestad, while the town prepared for their Children’s Grand Parade.

Prime Minister Eman greeted officials of the Stichting Arubaanse Carnival, or SAC, the volunteer organization which administrates carnival events along with Prins and Panchos Infantil (Child) “Prins Gangnam,” Zyqu E. E. Guerrero and Pancho: ” Style,” Jahmani J.J. Eisden,” Hubenil (Youth) Prins “BA Busca” Marcel Margin Kock  and Pancho “Ba Haya” Rendell Emanuel Gross and Grandi (Adult) Prins “Bai Gaña,” Jermaine Toppenberg  and Pancho “Baca,” Bryan Courtar, Prins Bai Gaña and Pancho Baca had the honor of reading the Proclamation of Carnival Law: 15 points of order which will rule the land through Ash Wednesday, February 12, and the last night of Carnival 59. The new rules very much kept in mind the current administration’s policies of a “Green Aruba’ and also reducing the problem of obesity among the population, particularly the staff of SAC.

Prime Minister Eman handed over the symbols of rule to the three groups of Prins & Pancho, the final signal the revelry now rules Aruba.