Aruba Carnival: Prins & Panchos with Prime Minister

Aruba’s Prime Minister turned over command of the island to the Carnival Prins and Panchos

Courtesy of: The Morning News
By: Rosalie Klein

On Wednesday evening at sunset, Aruba’s Prime Minister, Mike Eman, ended his day with a very pleasant task: playing his role in the continuing weeks of revelry that comprise Aruba’s Diamond Jubilee Carnival. A beloved ritual takes place, usually just before the final weeks of parades, elections and parties wherein the PM turns over administration of the island to the Prins and Pancho (Princes and Jesters) in all three age categories, with symbolic “the keys to the island.” From this point forward, they and their court now rule.
Prime Minister Eman greeted officials of the Stichting Arubaanse Carnival, or SAC, the volunteer organization which administrates carnival events, in front of the Government House in Oranjestad. They accompanied this year’s Prins and Panchos, which are elected in three categories, Infantil (Children) Hubenil (Youth) and Adult. Since this is Aruba’s 60th carnival, and a lustrum year, there is also a pair of “Prins of Prins,”- Princes of Princes- chosen from contenders who have won the adult contest previously.
Jordano Hilario, “Prins 60? and Emon Webb, “Pancho Rebienta” had the honor of reading the Proclamation of Carnival Law: 15 points of order which will rule the land through Ash Wednesday, March 5th, when carnival officially ends at the stroke of midnight.

The new “laws” listed requirements for each of the island’s ministers and their administrations to obey while Carnival rules Aruba. As the Prins and Panchos are selected for the hilarity of their comedy routines during the competition, the laws are also an exercise in broad humor.
This year, in honor of this landmark carnival, SAC President Tecla Kelly-Hernandez and volunteers had a surprise for Prime Minster Eman, providing him with a glittering cape and a feathered, three corner had for his good humor and cooperation.”
Also accepting their symbols of rule for Carnival 60 were the Youth “Prins Kiko,” Dion Carolina and “Pancho A Bai Robes” Steven de Cuba and the Children’s Prins and Pancho Xenon Daal and Bryanden Koolman, aka “Prins Mega and Pancho Falta.”
The current royal court of Carnival 60, the Queen of Tumba , King and Queen of Children’s & Youth Roadmarch and recently elected Children’s Queen, Sheqayli Ascencion, and the Grand Queen and Youth Queen from Carnival 59, Samantha Robert and Edselyne Figaroa.