Aruba’s 60th Carnaval’s “Tumberito Festival” a total hit

Courtesy of: The Morning News

ORANJESTAD — Last Friday evening the Carnaval 60th Tumberito Festival took place. The level of this festival was of high quality, as all the participants gave a tremendous presentation.

All the singers were accompanied by an All-Star Band under guidance of “the master” Raul Pillar who also did a stupendous job. They are young musicians with love for music and very disciplined. All the children had the opportunity to prepare themselves well and this showed in their presentation.

In celebration of Aruba’s 60th Carnaval, SAC received two extra prizes from the Culture Department. These prizes were given as motivation prizes for the best composer and best arranger. Both prizes were won by Jason Isenia, who was very professional in sticking to the rules making sure that everything was delivered on time even earlier and also cooperating fully with the singers he represented.

SAC is very happy and proud to announce the Festival’s winners.
Children’s category:
1st place: Tahira Wever; 2nd – Xenon Daal; 3rd – Sandy Loefstop; 4th – Priscilla Quant; 5th – Ashanti Martes.
Youth Category:
1st place: Francienne Vos who defended her crown; 2nd – Mary Jane Vrolijk; 3rd – Jilleen Wester; 4th – Ashanti Rodriguez; 5th – Ethleen Semerel.

Rookie of the Year went to Sandy Loefstop in the Children’s category, who got up on the stage and gave a presentation in front of a big crowd as if he did this every day.

Most Popular singers were: Tahira Wever (children’s category) and Mary Jane Vrolijk (youth’s category). Ashanti Martes won best costume in the children’s category and Mary Jane Vrolijk in the youth category.