Aruba has a new Tumba King: Jeffrey Kelly

Aruba has a new Tumba King: Jeffrey Kelly

Courtesy of: The Morning News
By Rosalie Klein

Saturday evening January 26 at the Aruba Entertainment Center, judges selected Aruba’s 43rd Tumba King, Jeffrey Kelly, performing his own song “Nos Tey pa Keda” – “We’re here to stay,” backed by Robert Jeandor and his Solo Banda Show.

Aruba’s final musical contest of carnival 59 had 16 performers competing for the crown. In second place was Richard “Tattoo” Quant, with “Corografia Di Unidad” backed by his Zeta Band. Both Quant and his band won the trophy for best individual costume and best band uniforms.

Third place went to Anoushka Odor with “Curazon ta Bati,” or “Battered Heart” written by Robert Maduro and Robert Jeandor arranging and providing the band.

Fourth place was won by Eugene Albertsz performing “Blankia Djente cu ne” – “White Tooth with them,” by Casin Gil and Chicho Kock  singing his own composition “Traha Dam Spera Awa” – “Build a Dam & Wait for Water:” with D’Licious Band, took fifth place.