2013 Children's Tumberito Competition

2013 Children’s Tumberito Competition

Courtesy of: The Morning News
Photo by 24ora.com

The ladies take over Tumberito: Lyaila Stamper and Franksjien Vos crowned Children’s and Youth Tumberito Queens. Aruba Entertainment Center was packed for the 5th Festival of Tumberito last Friday.
All the children give a tremendous presentation, as the Tumbas presented were of a high quality and sung very well. The judges had a tough time picking the winners, but someone had to win. The absolute winners were for Children’s Tumberito 2013 Iyaila Stamper and for Youth Tumberito 2013 Franksjien Vos.

The results were the following:
Children’s Tumberito 2013
Absolute winner: Iyaila Stamper with her song “Carnaval ta Alegria” (Carnaval is Happiness)
1st runner-up: Xenon Daal. ” T’esaki mi a Stima”
2nd runner-up: Kaythleen Semerel”Awe cay tey Briya”
3rd runner-up: Tahirah Wever “Den Dje”
4th runner-up: Pricilla Quandt “Pesey nos Tey”
Most Popular: Xenon Daal. ” T’esaki mi a Stima”
Best Costume: Lyaila Stamper “Carnaval ta Alegria”
Best Rookie: Xenon Daal. ” T’esaki mi a Stima”
Youth Tumberito 2013
Absolute  winner: Frank-sjien Vos with her song:  “Hala bin Pega” (Come and Join”
1st runner-up: Eunice Albertsz “Den Grandi”
2nd runner-up: Mary-Jane Vrolijk” Ban ricibie”
3rd runner-up: Ashanti Rodriguez “Nos tey hibe te Final”
4th runner-up:Priscylla Semeleer “Futuro ta Nos”
Most Popular: Franksjien Vos”Hala bin Pega”
Best Costume: Priscylla Semeleer “Futuro ta Nos”
Best Rookie: Ashanti Rodriguez ” Nos tey hibe te Final”