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2013 Aruba’s Carnival Child and Youth Queens are crowned

Courtesy of: The Morning News
by Rosalie Klein

Some of the most spectacular events surrounding the revelry of carnival is the selection of the queens who will reign supreme during the final parades and parties. On Thursday evening, January 24, two panels of judges selected Aruba’s 38th Child (Infantil) and 50th Youth (Hubenil) Queens during the thrilling pageant conducted at Aruba Entertainment Center. 

Candidates are judged and awarded in a number of categories, including Best Show, Best Speech and Best Costume. Elaborate programs during which the contenders demonstrate their grace, dancing ability and carnival spirit provide a full and exciting evening of entertainment.

This year, five young girls competed for the children’s title and four sought the crown of 50th Youth Queen. Competing for the honor of being Aruba’s 38th Children’s Queen were Mileishka Lopez from Oranjestad, Randerly Trimon for TOB Kids, Edylienne Tromp of Centro di Bario Noord, Zue-Jean Croes from District Dakota and Alenis Williams representing Nos Futuro Carnival Group.

The four young ladies competing for the 50th Youth Queen title were: Kiziah Trimon of Champagne Carnival Group, Shakira de Freitas from Royal Carnival Group, Shaghira Robert of the District Dakota and Adrianne Jacobs representing TOB Carnival Group.

Edylienne Tromp dominated almost all categories in the Child Queen pageant. She was awarded the titles of Most Popular (via SMS voting), Best Costume, Best Show and SETAR “Little Princess,” before being named Aruba’s new queen. Randerly Trimon of TOB Group won Best Speech and Zue-Jean Croes from District Dakota was named First Runner-up.

Kiziah Trimon of Champagne Group was awarded Most Popular, Best Costume and SETAR Youth Queen before being crowned Aruba’s golden anniversary Youth Queen. Shakira de Freitas won Best Show and Best Speech prior to being named First Runner-up.

Two more queens have yet to be selected, Mrs. Carnival, for Aruba’s gorgeous and mature ladies, and the final Grand Queen Election coming up on Friday, February 1.