By following these recommendations prior to traveling to Aruba with your oxygen device, you can be sure that your flight procedures will run smoothly.

Advice and tips on travelling with oxygen to Aruba from Essential Health Supplies

In case you are traveling to Aruba and require oxygen or oxygen therapy devices, Essential Health Supplies has some recommendations you can take prior to traveling.
The first thing would be to contact  your physician and let them know about your travel plans to Aruba to know if your physician would recommend traveling based on your  medical conditions.
Be sure to get your doctor’s prescription and letter approving you may travel. Many of the airlines have their own airline specific medical form for your doctor to fill out. These are generally valid for one year. We also recommend keeping your other medications, prescriptions and forms with you while traveling and not in your checked baggage.

Prior to finalizing travel arrangements to Aruba contact the airline in which you are planning to travel with to ask about any regulations when traveling with oxygen devices.  All airlines are different and may have different regulations so knowing before booking your flight will be more convenient.
Most US airlines should allow for Federal Aviation Administration (FAA) approved medical devices as per the 2009 ruling on “non discrimination on the Basis of Disability in Air Travel”.  So if traveling with CPAP, BiPAP and ventilation machines call to make sure yours is approved by the airline. There is a list of FAA approved devices on the FAA website: 

Also, make sure to contact your airline prior to traveling to make sure your device is allowed and so they can provide you with their policies and procedures for traveling.

Please note that there are some airlines that allow only their own medical devices on board.  Again, call your airline to see if you can bring your own or if they can provide it for you.
If you are planning to travel with your own POC devices, keep in mind the following:
Always travel with your medical documents stating that you require the medical device for your prescribed treatment and medical condition.  Your Portable Oxygen Concentrator (POC) device should have a sticker stating FAA approval and airport personnel may ask you for this during travel.
You will need sufficient battery power to cover pre-flight, in-flight and post-flight time. Remember you will need to arrive at the airport 1 – 2 hours ahead of your flight time. At Gate Check-in you must have battery power for at least 50% longer than your scheduled flying time. For example – if your flying time is 3 hours, you will need 4 ½ hours of battery power) You will need to cover your travel time to the airport, airport waiting time, your flight time and the time it will take you to deplane, pick up your checked baggage and travel to your final destination. Plan ahead for any possible delays; non-Stop or direct flights will keep the battery time to a minimum.

If you are traveling with an FAA approved portable oxygen system, you will be allowed through the security area after inspection and may take the system to the gate. If the system is not an approved POC you may NOT be permitted to take it onto the airplane and will need someone with you to remove it from the airport. If you do not use an approved POC oxygen supply you will need to arrange for an oxygen supply at your destination.
If you would like to rent an oxygen concentrator and or require other oxygen supplies while in Aruba, Essential Health Supplies is located directly across Aruba’s main hospital and close to all resorts.  Delivery and pick up of your oxygen rental devices if complimentary so it can be conveniently waiting at your hotel upon arrival.  If you require other oxygen supplies while in Aruba such as CPAP mask, CPAP tubing, nasal cannulas, Essential Health Supplies also has these available. 

To book your medical equipment contact Essential Health Supplies. (

You may also want to familiarize yourself with Transportation Security Administration (TSA) guidelines for “Travelers with Disabilities and Medical Conditions” the TSA website by visiting:

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