Spazio Realty, HCC Accountants & Tax Advisors, and Holistika Labs raised AFL. 10,500 for Stimami Sterilisami Foundation

Neny and Norman Henriquez, owners of HCC Accountants & Tax Advisors, Spazio Realty, and Holistika Labs raised AFL. 10,500 for Stimami Sterilisami Foundation during the Raw Modern sale. The event was a total hit, and 100% of the funds raised have been donated to Stimami Sterilisami Foundation, which will go towards its 2023 national spay and neuter campaign. Bucuti & Tara Beach Resort will match their contribution Florin for Florin.

“A few weeks ago, we experienced the loss of our cherished dog, “Pichu,” who had spent 16 years bringing our home and family so much love and happiness. We wanted to do something special to honor her memory and make a real difference in the lives of other animals. Especially now, when we see so many abandoned dogs and cats on the streets, suffering and lacking the most basic necessities. So when we were deciding on an organization to support, we considered what would make the most lasting impact to prevent this from continuing,” Neny Henriquez, owner of Spazio Realty and Holistika Labs tells. “We chose Stimami Sterilisami Foundation because it has been shown around the world that a mass spaying and neutering program is the best way to stop stray animal populations from growing. Without sterilization, the problem just continues to get worse, and the rest of the animal volunteer organizations that work so hard to help these pets become overwhelmed by the massive amounts of abandoned animals that they need to take in and care for,” Norman Henriquez, owner of HCC Accountants & Tax Advisors, shares.

“The entire board of Stimami Sterilisami Foundation is extremely grateful and moved by this wonderful gesture from Neny and Norman Henriquez. They made a lot of effort to organize an incredible event to raise funds for Stimami Sterilisami,” Ewald Biemans, President of Stimami Sterilisami Foundation, says. “We want to remind our local community that having a pet is a huge responsibility, and you need to view them as a part of your family. Please, be a responsible pet owner and adhere to the Dog Laws (Ley di Cacho). Don’t leave your pet out on the streets, and make sure to spay and neuter them. Not only will it prevent your pet from having unwanted puppies, but it also has numerous benefits for their health.”

Why spay and neuter your pet

The overpopulation of stray dogs and cats in Aruba is a nationwide issue that severely impacts our community as a whole. Strays suffer from hunger, disease, and abuse, which not only present a health and environmental issue, but also a danger to motorists and pedestrians as they chase, bite, and consume anything that moves. Animal volunteer organizations have been doing a tremendous job providing care to these animals, but without sterilization, the problem will never be solved, since they reproduce on an exponential scale.

Globally, studies have demonstrated that spaying and neutering is the best, most efficient, and most compassionate way to reduce the number of stray animals. As a result, since 2016, Stimami Sterilisami’s national spay and neuter program has provided affordable, subsidized sterilizations to individual pet owners and volunteer organizations, spaying and neutering nearly 32,000 dogs and cats.

Fundashon Stimami Sterilisami

Stimami Sterilisami Foundation is a non-profit organization that uses 100% of each donation received to cover the costs of sterilization for the general public and volunteer rescue organizations. Our books are audited and open to the public. For those who have a local bank account and would like to support and donate to this significant cause, you can contribute directly to Stimami Sterilisami Foundation via bank transfer:

Bank: Aruba Bank
Acc. Number: 6012630190
Swift code: ARUBAWAX

Article written by  Stimami Sterilisami Foundation