Sarah-Quita Windsurf World Champion

Sarah-Quita Offringa Secures Her Twelfth World Title in Freestyle Windsurf

2019 marked the 34th year in a row that the Windsurfing World Championship took place in Fuerteventura, Gran Canaria. Sarah-Quita Offringa, a local from Aruba, has been participating since 2006 in the championship with back-to-back climbs to the number one spot.

This year is no exception, Sarah Quita has managed to crush the waves and overpower the winds at Playa Barca beach in Gran Canaria and in doing so, beat her Dutch competitor Maaike Huvermann in the final.  Aruba’s Windsurfing Queen has yet again climbed to the top of the championship podium, proudly celebrating her 12th World Title in Freestyle Windsurf for 12 consecutive years.

Sarah-Quita Windsurf World Champion
*Photo by PWA World Tour

The 28 year old has been practicing since she was 9 years old and with her latest Freestyle championship, she now has 16 World Titles under her belt windsurf board. Watch the video below for Sarah Quita’s winning moves.

*Video by  Continentseven

In Sarah-Quita’s favourite words: AWO TIN KOS!*

Thank you for keeping Aruba’s name at the top and we look forward to hear more about Sarah-Quita’s windsurf endeavors around the world.


*Translated loosely from Papiamento as ‘It’s about to go down!’