Contemporary art and sculpures at LAmerica Gallery

Contemporary art and sculpures at LAmerica Gallery

Courtesy of: Aruba Daily

L’America Gallery Located just behind Certified Mega Mall will surprise you with an excellent selection of regional and Aruban artwork, sculptures, paintings and art objects, showcasing the abundant talent of Central and South American artists as well as well-established local artists such as Eliza Lejuez and Lutti De Lisle.

The gallery is housed in a beautiful space, comprising a series or large and small rooms, featuring works in all sizes from the monumental to the miniature, in a variety of styles from naive to impressionist, expressionist and minimal, depicting landscapes, objects and people.  The gallery also hangs a number of icons, and religious works of exceptional beauty and detail.

Art collectors who are fans of the work of legendary Colombian artist Fernando Botero and his voluminous people will find similar works at the gallery, as unique portraits and still life, available for sale, and reasonably priced.

In addition to art, the gallery also offers framing services by an artist in-house framer who is sure to enhance the presentation of anything from a photograph to an oil painting. L’America Gallery displays quality framing materials in different sizes, textures and colors, and guarantees prompt and efficient delivery.

Knowledgeable Conny Kiers is at the helm, ready to share any information with clients who saunter in for a look. Don’t be shy, she says, come right in. We’ll make you a cup of coffee, and we’ll make you comfortable so you can feast your eyes on the treasures hanging on the walls of L’America Gallery, Art & Framing Specialists. Open Monday to Friday from 8am to 5pm, on Italianstraat 24-A, suite 3.