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Aloe Yourself To Be Happy!

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Aruba Aloe is launching the Aloe Yourself to be be Happy campaign supporting the inaugural Aloe Wellness Month Aruba. A whole month dedicated to the health and wellness aspects of aloe!

Since the 1960s, Aruba Aloe has been dedicated to the health aspects of aloe on a daily basis. Aruba Aloe became one of the first companies in the world to add nourishing Aloe vera gel to cosmetic products. For decades, Aruba Aloe has been harnessing Aloe vera’s powerful ability to moisturize, protect, and heal the skin.

Especially for Aloe Wellness Month, Aruba Aloe chose to take a different course; instead of focusing on the well-known physical health benefits of aloe, they launched the “Aloe Yourself to be Happy” campaign, putting the spotlight on another aspect of wellness: HAPPINESS.

“Aloe Yourself to be Happy” brings Aloe experiences intended to spark joy and happiness, which are certainly important factors in the quest for wellness. At participating resorts, Aruba Aloe will be contributing to the Aloe Wellness Menu with signature experiences.

The “Aloe Yourself to be Happy” Workshop will give participants the opportunity to make their very own scrub using a recipe formulated by Aruba Aloe’s skin specialist. To compliment this signature experience, a menu of DIY scrubs and masks will be available at all Aruba Aloe stores on the island, giving everyone the opportunity to experience making their own aloe-based beauty and health products at home.

Aruba Aloe cordially invites you to Aloe Yourself to be Happy this June. Visit your nearest Aruba Aloe Store and get your very own DIY menu and special wellness promotions. Be sure to subscribe to their signature workshop and check out all that Aloe Wellness Month Aruba has to offer.