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Weekend Festvities to celebrate Aruba Flag and Anthem Day

Courtesy of: The Morning News

This years festivities is a joint venture between Tropical Bottling Co. and The National Day Celebration Committee, who came together and organized the cultural events for this weekend. Festivities will include cultural, musical, sports and social events along with a musical celebration that will take place on Sunday the 17th on Plaza Betico Croes.

On Flag and Anthem Day Aruba will be celebrating this with a grand musical celebration and other festive activities. A special agenda of activities have been designed outlining all activities for the weekend of March 18.

The celebration will include cultural, musical, and social and sports activities to be held between Friday 15 to March 18th. With respect to the grand concert to take place on Sunday the 17th on the Plaza Betico Croes, there will also be the different tents selling food, drinks, art work and local handcraft.

1.    The National Day Celebration Committee agreed to a joint venture with the Tropical Bottling Company. Tropical Bottling Company is the official agent for Coca Cola, Sprite and other colorful drinks, as well as for Malta Balashi, Balashi Beer and Chill. This national company will be present on the Plaza Betico Croes with their many products to support our local talent and promote our culture.
2.    Marketing Manager of Tropical Bottling Company, Vanessa Hollander expressed her delight that her company will be part of this magna celebration. Hollander also took the opportunity to share with us who will be the many artists to participate in the concert:
-    Thais Franken (soprano), Solaica Clarinda (mezzo soprano) and Felix Rojas (composer) with the song “Cu gradicimento,” which is a danza. Musical arrangement for the orchestra is by Carlos Bislip.
– Angelo Koolman with the song “O ki mainta mas bunita” (wals). Together with Richard Dabian and Mirto Tromp, Angelo will interpret his song to the composition of Rufo Odor and lyrics by Ernesto Rosenstand. Arrangement will be by Franklin Granadillo.
– Nicole de Kort, Gisela Trimon and Mireille Sint Jago with the song “Ayera, Pakico and Fo’I dia m’a mirabo” (bolero). These three songs are compositions of Pad Lampe, and arranged by Franklin Granadillo.
– Trio Los Arubeños, formed by guitarists and singers Rey Lampe, Fortunato Werleman and Mario Croes. Accompanied by the great orchestra they will sing a wals, “Naturaleza.” The arrangement will be by Ivan Quandus.
– Bertha Wolff and Ailene Croes will interpret a chachacha. The sisters will sing a composition by Ailene, ‘Forsa di amor,’ arranged by Federico Martis.
– Dorothy Lacle and Mirto Tromp. They will sing two compositions, “Den brisanan di atardi,’ and ‘Den bo brasanan fuerte’, a bolero, of Rufo Odor with lyrics by Ernesto Rosenstand, and arranged for orchestra by Ivan Quandus.
– Vicky Arends, Veloushka Krozendijk and Richard Dabian. Vicky will sing a tumba ‘Boca di Tribon’ a composition of Padu Lampe. Veloushka will sing a composition by Bernadina Growell ‘Cos dushi’, a tambu and Richard Dabian, will interpret a tumba ‘Jaloers.’…a composition by Lilia Luidens. Arrangement of these songs is by Federico Martis.
– Gabriela Krosendijk will interpret a lovely bolero ’Pakico’, composed by her father Don Ramon Krosendijk, and arranged by Delbert Ber­nabela.
– Jelitza Croes and Michelangelo Koolman. Together they will present a composition by Angelo ‘Bida ‘n ta largo,’ a fusion of danza. Arrangement by Ivan Quandus.
– Rachel Kraaijvanger will be participating with her song ‘Amanece’ by Maybelline Arends and arranged by Delbert Bernabela.
– Edjean Semeleer will sing a classic by Don Ramon Krosendijk, a lovely waltz ‘Cunucu di Seit’, arranged by Delbert Bernabela.
– Robert Maduro will pre­sent his composition ‘Mi cultura tin un co’,  arranged by Federico Martis.
– Casin Giel will interpret his composition ‘Mi sa’, a bolero arranged by Franklin Granadillo.
– Jossy Brokke Jr. will sing his own composition, Juan del diablo, arranged by Franklin Granadillo.
– Sharon Rose will sing a composition by Toti Arends with lyrics by Hubert Booi, a waltz ‘Mi mester di bo’. Arranged by Franklin Granadillo.
– Jack Tromp will sing one of his own compositions, a waltz ‘Kico a pasa’, arranged by Franklin Granadillo.
– Ted Philips will interpret a composition by Padu Lampe, ‘Mi n’ sa’, song in the form of a  calypso. Arrangement by Franklin Granadillo.
– Robert Jeand’or will interpret the song “Mi soño, which is a merengue arranged by Franklin Granadillo.

This musical celebration promises to be nothing less than tremendous with a variation of never before heard musical pieces. Tropical Bottling and the organizing committee are inviting the entire community to come out and participate in the activities of our national month. You are especially invited to the magna concert on the Plaza Betico Croes in the Vondellaan on Sunday, March 17th.