Loretti Design Launches Pop-up Gallery

Loretti Design launched its latest concept, the Loretti Design Pop-up Gallery recently at the lobby of Divi Tamarijn.

Deborah de Weerd, the designer and creative force behind the Loretti Design Collection, presented the custom-designed and fully self-supporting pop-up gallery. A portable tailor-made flight case with integrated led lighting and wooden, flexible interior provided a platform to exhibit the artisanal locally designed products. 

‘As a local artist, being able to interact with those interested in art and design is highly energizing. I have been welcoming guests to my studio for some time which enables a personal connection and allows me to create custom designs. Being part of Aruba’s creative industry and in particular the artisanal product, made in Aruba, it is exciting to start working with this new Pop Up concept. It will provide a more flexible platform to showcase the latest Loretti Design collection and connect with a broader audience.’ 

Located in Paradera Park Aruba, Loretti Design brings contemporary, handcrafted jewelry designs with an artistic and creative twist. The designer’s ambition is to create fresh, imaginative designs in a timeless form.

Inquisitive and with a curious passion, new ways are explored to create flameworked glass elements which are used as building blocks for the designs. By combining with quality leather, silver and stainless steel the glass elements form a synergy between construction and design. Each Loretti Design creation is handcrafted and unique.

More information can be found on the newly revamped website and online shop www.lorettidesign.com.

Article written by Loretti Design