Beach Tennis Tournament Results

Courtesy of: Aruba Daily

ARUBA – Saturday and Sunday April 27 & 28 BTA (Beach Tennis Aruba) and Arubianas organized the 4th ranking tournament of 2013. The event took place @ Eagle beach where around 300 participants played over the weekend in all categories, levels and ages. The players played hard in the hot conditions on the 14 courts.

The Youth tournament on the Saturday afternoon showed that Aruba has a lot to offer I beach tennis talent. On the Sunday just before the Open women finals Banana Moon had a marvelous bikini show. Winners received medals and Arubianas sandals.

For more information go to  or come to the BTA courts at Moomba and try out this great new sport.

Youth fun: 1 Quinten Chong/Jesper vd Lee
Youth Intermediate: 1 Nikaj vd Meer/Mathijs de Kool
Youth Advanced: 1 Gabriella Rasmijn/Jim de Weerdt

Intermediate men: 1 John Klappers
Advanced men : 1 Juan de Guzman
Advanced women: 1 Melissa Quijada

Mixed doubles
Fun mix: 1 Jessica Maduro/Giancarlo
Intermediate mix: 1 Meike Landeweer/John Klappers
Advanced mix: 1 Maartje Dolfing/Jonathan Looman

Fun men: 1 Rhudy Donata/Johnny Winterdaal
Fun women: 1 Eline de Kool/Anne Hoogendam
Intermediate women: 1 Faustta Luna/Mairim Arends
Intermediate men: 1 Anderson Giel/Oslin Bergrok
Advanced men: 1 Bas Jennen/Pieter Selen
Advanced women: 1 Yvette Tromp/Maartje Dolfing
Open men: 1 Fabrizio Battaglia/Louis Posner
Open women: Yvette Franssen/Danielle van Staveren