Aruba's Rebecca Roos film By Her Hand showed on Belize International Film Festival

Aruba’s Rebecca Roos film By Her Hand showed on Belize International Film Festival

Courtesy of: The Morning News

Not even recuperated from the extremely successful 4th edition of the Aruba International Film Festival, the festival’s Industry Events Director, Rebecca Roos went to Belize where her own film BY HER HAND (2012) showed in selection during the 8th Belize International Film Festival.

The primary goal of the Belize International Film Festival (BIFF) is to provide a space for the exhibition of films from Belize and its neighboring regions of the Caribbean, Central America and Southern Mexico so that these audiences can see their images onscreen and be motivated to create more.

As a multicultural society BIFF is interested in promoting cultural tolerance and welcome international features and documentaries that depict the interaction of cultures. As a high risk countries already being impacted by Climate Change, BIFF also welcomes international features and documentaries that discuss the way forward thru social change and the implementation of green technologies.

Producer/director Rebecca Roos is very proud the film was invited to this fast growing festival, and happy she would be able to visit the festival, representing her film and the island of Aruba, thanks to the financial aid of Prins Bernhard Cultuurfonds Caribisch Gebied and some close supporters of Rebecca Roos Productions.

“I think BY HER HAND fits nicely within the goals of the Belize festival”, says Roos, “And it will be nice to see the reaction from an audience where nobody knows these women personally. But then again, Belize borders the Mexican state of Tabasco, where Marifer Aguirre Broca, one of the women profiled in the documentary, was born – so you never know” she adds with a smile.

BY HER HAND showed on Saturday 13th at 3:15 PM on Screen 2, during the Belize International Film Festival.