Aruba's 2013 Annual Marathon

Aruba’s 2013 Annual Marathon

Courtesy of: the Morning news

The annual Aruba Half-Marathon will be taking place this coming Sunday, March 17, one of the most exciting events associated with the island’s National Day, March 18. The walk/run takes place every year, beginning just before sunrise at 5:30, departing from the Joe Laveist Sportpark in San Nicolas.

Traversing the length of the island, along the 1A, the finish line is in the parking lot of the Alhambra Casino and Shopping Mall by the Eagle Beach area for a total of 21 km. At the finish line there will be two stations for media and photographers as to not interfere with the runners.  Representing the casino, Sales Manager Annie Dirkz confirmed the continuing support of Divi Properties and Alhambra Casino as the major sponsor of this event.

Monique Kuiperi, Director of IBISA, the government agency organizing and conducting the run, informed island media they expect up more than 700 runners from the U.S., Europe, Aruba, and the region. Cash prizes and trophies attract top runners. They usually start crossing the finish line at approximately 6:30 AM.

Registration opened this past Sunday, March 10. Runners can inscribe and collect their numbers at the IBISA office (former IDEFRE office) on the second level of the Certified Megamall in Oranjestad. Sue Ann Lyon will be handling the administration for the race. The offices will stay open during lunch hours this week to accommodate runners wishing to register for the event.

Juan (Junior) Dake, advised motorists to be aware the main highway will be closed in areas as the main body of runners progresses down the highway. If needing to commute in the morning during the hours of the race, an alternate route is suggest. The race is designated to be finish in three hours, the road will not be closed for stragglers, and the entire thruway will not be closed for the entire time. IBISA volunteers will be posted regularly along the route with water. It is a tradition to have showers and masseuses available at the finish line to refresh runners and massage cramped legs.

Prizes are awarded for Men’s and Women’s Overall Winners, which are the first two over the finish line, the first three over the finish line overall, and top three in various age groups, male and female.