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Aruba Ray’s Comedy Revue Show for limited time in the Westin Resort Aruba

Courtesy of: The Morning News
by: Rosalie Klein

Great night time entertainment is returning to Aruba this coming Wednesday, April 10, when three of the busiest comedians in New York City will take to the stage, during a very limited engagement, for “Aruba Ray’s Comedy Revue”    

The new show is the result of comedian Ray Ellin taking a vacation on Aruba in early 2012 and “absolutely falling in love with the island,” he informed THE MORNING NEWS during an exclusive interview. “I returned for at least a week nearly every month since then. I really love the island; the people, the restaurants…everything about it. I usually rent a cottage and stay right in the local neighborhoods. I have become such a nut about Aruba, telling all my friends how great it is all the time, they have nicknamed me “Aruba Ray.”

Ellin was honored as one of “Ten Standout Stand-Ups Worth Watching” by Back Stage magazine, and is the host of the all-new “Gong Show Live,” a resurrection of the legendary ‘70s talent competition. He recently hosted/ co-created the pilot for the tv game show “Worth The Wait.” In addition to hosting “LateNet with Ray Ellin” he was the host and writer of the syndicated television shows “The Movie Loft,” “New York Now,” “PremiumTV,” and “BrainFuel TV”. Ray has a long list of television credits including appearances on HBO, FOX, VH1, DISCOVERY, ABC, NBC, and England’s Mancs vs. Yanks. His success has seen him profiled by “Dateline NBC”

“I was amazed Aruba didn’t have any regularly scheduled shows for islanders and vacationers to enjoy a fun night out,” he explained. “As soon as I had the idea of putting together a revue, I have been getting text messages, calls and e-mails from dozens of top comics who were thrilled with the idea of joining me for a week on Aruba.”

Premiering with Ray Ellin in his 90-minute comedy revue will be popular comedian Brian Scott McFadden, “one of the hottest stand up comics working today,” and Chuck Nice, “a 14-year veteran of standup comedy with a rich history in television and radio.”

McFadden has appeared on “Late Night with David Letterman” and the “The Late Show with Craig Ferguson” on CBS. Audience will soon enjoy his comic timing on the big screen as he appears with Ben Stiller in a remake of “The Secret Life of Walter Mitty.”

A versatile stage actor, Mcfadden has performed such demanding roles as “Hamlet,” and is particularly known for his remarkable repertoire of authentic accents and impressions. He has voiced characters in the popular “Ice Age” animated film series.

Right now he is cutting a CD of his hilarious original routine “What a Woman Wants.”

For eight years, Chuck Nice was the comedy relief on the New York airwaves for the “Radio Chick Show.” He hosted his own television show on HGTV “Home Strange Home,” while simultaneously appearing regularly on NBC’s “Today Show.” He appears regularly on Vh-1’s “Best Week Ever,” WE TV’s “Cinematherapy,” CBS’ “Early Show,” “The Mike & Juliet Show,” Tru TV’s “World’s Dumbest Criminals”, MSNBC contributor, “The Insider,” and done his own one hour specials on the Discovery Network titled “Proof.”

These three very busy and talented comedians will be on stage in the Cabaret Royale at the Westin Aruba Resort for only one week, opening on Wednesday, April 10; the last performance will be on Tuesday, April 16.

“I am very passionate about Aruba and this show,” Ray told TMN. “I see a huge range of audiences, and I and my colleagues have the sort of material and humor that will appeal to audiences whether they are from New York, Chicago, Wyoming…or Aruba, Colombia or Holland. It is universal. We all have husbands, wives, children girlfriends, boyfriends…there is a wealth of funny material there, and we love to make people laugh. Between the three of us, we have a great synergy, and the audience will feel the energy and excitement in the show.”

Tickets for the limited run of Aruba Ray’s Comedy Revue are $39 and for sale at the concierge desk in the Westin Resort in Palm Beach. Each ticket has a $40 match play coupon printed on the back, which audience can then play at the Palm Beach Casino in the resort after the show. Doors open at 8:30 and the show starts promptly at 9:00 PM.

This is great news for Aruba and lovers of good stand-up comedy. Ray Ellin advises it is material for mature audiences, but precocious teenagers are allowed with the family. He leaves this to the discretion of their parents.