Top Market Journalists visiting Aruba’s Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa for Yoga and breakfast

Courtesy of: Aruba Daily

‘On Friday morning, July 26th Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa welcomed 12 national journalists accompanied by ATA representative Marilyn Feliciana and ‘Z’ PR Zimmerman agency Team Members, Lindsey Shindler and Bethany Swonson (both staying at Manchebo). Rachel Shippy of Ladies’ Home Journal ,was also part of the team staying at Manchebo. Ladies’ Home Journal is one of the top women’s publications in the U.S., reaching 3.2 million decision-making women per month, and engages women with 30-55 with relevant conversations on health and relationships; beauty and style; food and travel.

The group started with a yoga class at the beach Pavilion hosted by yoga instructor, Anouscka van der Kuyp. After the yoga they enjoyed the healthy breakfast buffet at Ike’s Bistro, including fresh fruit smoothies. Although a site inspection was not planned in the schedule, the journalists loved to see the beautiful Spa del Sol on the beach and one of Manchebo’s newly renovated Deluxe Ocean View rooms. The journalists also took a quick look in Manchebo’s own Herb Garden.

The group arrived on the island on July 25th, and will be enjoying quite an extensive program to experience all the great restaurants and excursions Aruba has to offer, organized by the Aruba Tourism Authority.

As a health oriented hotel, Manchebo Beach Resort & Spa is giving their guests the opportunity to live healthy even away from home. Manchebo is honored to be able to welcome journalists to their intimate boutique resort.