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Frequently Asked Questions

What restaurants have gluten free menu or food?

Please see below a list of restaurants that would be able to accommodate a gluten free menu.

Texas De Brazil- filet mignon. Everything is cooked on a skewer over a flame. Email them first.
Flying Fishbone - Email them first.
Le petit cafe ( cook your own meal on a stone). Email them first.
Yemanja Specialties of Yemanja - Gluten free or any other allergic diets
Linda's Dutch Pancakes & Pizza
Mango Restaurant at Amsterdam Manor

Are there any special events in Aruba for singles?

Occasionally there are 'singles nights' organized at popular nightspots. Please refer to our Calendar of Events section where you can search for events on a specific day, by date range or by name.

What is the 15% service charge and should one leave tips?

The 15% service charge added to your bill is a gratuity divided among service and kitchen staff according to a point system and is part of their salary. However please feel free to tip where individual service has been excellent.

What is the legal age for entering casinos and for drinking in Aruba?

The legal age for entering casinos and for drinking is eighteen (18) years. A casino, bar or nightclub etc. has the right to ask for a valid I.D.

Where are the Aruba restaurants?

Restaurants in Aruba are to be found in various locations. However there is a large concentration of them in two main areas, one being the Palm beach hotel area and the other being downtown Oranjestad. Please see our Aruba restaurant map for a complete overview of all major restaurants in Aruba.

Where can I find a list of events in Aruba?

Please refer to our Calendar of Events section where you can search for events on a specific day, by date range or by name.

Where can I find Aruba restaurant menus? has an extensive guide to Aruba restaurants, which are numerous and varied in cuisine and ambiance. Please visit our guide to Aruba restaurants for complete information including a detailed Aruba restaurant map.

Where can I find Aruba restaurant reviews?

You can find Aruba restaurant reviews in our Aruba restaurants section.

Where can I find information about entertainment in Aruba for teenagers?

During the day there is quite a variety of watersports. If you are interested in scuba diving there are several opportunities to learn how to scuba dive. Many other watersports are also available such as parasailing, windsurfing, kitesurfing, jetskis etc. If your age restricts you from renting a jeep (although perhaps you could still enjoy this with an older person) you could still get around on a four wheeling tour (ATV) or on horseback. As regards nightlife, to enter most nightclubs and bars you need to be 18 or older, but there are places where you can go in the hotel area where you can also enjoy live music most days.

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