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What are considered to be Aruba's most romantic spots?

The scenic vistas of the California Lighthouse, which looks out over Aruba's windward coast and the rugged California dunes from the nothwestern tip of the island.

The intimate beauty of Baby Beach, at the southeastern tip of the island. A stunning spot for a private beach rendezvous.

The dazzling beauty of the waters of Arashi Beach, on the northern side of the island. A beautiful snorkeling site.

The exotic sand dunes of Boca Prins, on the northeastern shore.

The tropical surrounds of Andicouri, a coconut grove and picnicking spot with a magnificent island view.

The private coastal islands of Sonesta and De Palm.

The secluded cove of Spanish Lagoon, once the haunt of early island pirates.

The wonder of the Natural Bridge, with the surf pounding against the rocks or dipping into the Natural Pool, or Conchi.

Under a Divi tree at sunrise, sunset, or any other time.

The broad panorama from Yamanota Hill, the highest point on the island.

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