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The Aruban Community Lending A Helping Hand to One Another

While the world may be in a somber state, now, more than ever, is when we need to bring forward all the light that still surrounds us. We may be but a small island in the Caribbean, but we are one strong, unified community, that is coming together to support each other when we need it most!

Our team would like to put a spotlight on some of the local businesses and organizations here in Aruba that are doing all they can to lend a helping hand to the community during these challenging times! 

Charities & Foundations

Bossi Volunteers

This amazing group spends their personal time delivering anything and everything possible to those who need it most! From groceries, to medical supplies and important documents… all at no charge! They’ve also teamed up with Ajudo Aruba to deliver free food items, fully prepared meals and essential products to those families who are struggling during this challenging time. Do you want to support their efforts? Or make use of their generous services? Contact them via telephone or WhatsApp!

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No Child Goes Hungry

A selfless group of people have come together with one common goal, to ensure that the children of Aruba have access to the food they need, every day. With the abundance of hotel, restaurant and casino closures many people have found themselves out of a job. This has resulted in a loss of income and in turn not always being able to put food on the table for their children and families. If you are able to help out, please know, no amount is too small, and any and every donation will make a difference!

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Do you wish to contribute to a non-profit organization here in Aruba? Discover a list of local Charities and Foundations here.

Many companies have also stepped up by offering delivery and/or pick-up services for essentials, making day to day life just a bit easier for the local community. Check them out!

 Medical Needs

Botica di Servicio

Our island wide pharmacy now offers the option to deliver your medicine directly to your home! This is available to persons of 65+ years, those that are ill or those that are in quarantine.

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 Grocery Shopping 

Ling & Sons Food Market

Your go-to and trusted supermarket, Ling and Sons is extending a helping hand by introducing their delivery and pick-up service. All you need to do is visit their quick and easy to use online shopping site, select your items and check-out… all from the convenience of your own home!

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Super Food, one of Aruba’s leading supermarkets, and their featured stores: Bliss, Casa, Intertoys, and Cheers are offering delivery and curbside pick-up for their customers! Simply send in your order via email and leave the rest up to them!

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Save More

Save More, your one-stop and friendly-priced supermarket is now offering free delivery! You can please your order via WhatsApp or email them at your convenience.

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Local Pride Farms

Local Pride Farms are delivering “Booster Packs” filled with green goodness, including produce (such as fresh leaf lettuce, arugala and cilantro) from their fellow farmer friends: Cunucu Fresh, Happyponics and Goshen Aruba.

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Pet Care

Veterinaire Klinieken Aruba

Trusted veterinary clinics (in Noord and Wayaca) are now offering a delivery service to ensure your pets will not feel left out during these challenging times! Does your pet require a special dietary kibble? Or how about a prescribed medicine? Simply place your order via email and your essential pet supplies will be delivered to your door.

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Bestial Pet House

Bestial has always made your furry family members a priority and now more than ever they are staying true to that! Order your pet food, gear and other essential supplies. They will prepare your order for delivery or pick-up at your convenience.

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Take-out & Delivery Restaurants

Aruba’s local restaurants are here for you and your tummy. So, it’s only fair that you are there for them too! Order take-out or delivery and support Aruba’s local restaurant businesses! There are plenty of nearby food digs that are offering this amazing service, check them out and order your meal now!

 Equipment & Supplies

ASD Aruba

If you’re in need of new equipment for your household or restaurant, look no further, ASD has everything you need! From utensils, to glassware, to furniture, and cleaning chemicals & supplies. They’ve made ordering your essentials easier than ever, simply visit their website to shop, email them, give them a call, or order via WhatsApp. You can choose to pick-up your order or have it delivered!

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Laundry Service 

DryXpress Dry Cleaning and Laundry

For those that do not have a washer or dryer available DryExpress is here for you! For your safety and convenience they will pick-up your laundry and deliver it back to your home after its been washed and serviced. To arrange for your laundry service all you need to do is contact them via telephone or WhatsApp!

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Please know, this is just a small peek at some of the useful services offered on the island.

Does your business provide any services or support to the community during this difficult time? We would LOVE to feature YOU on VisitAruba, let us know!