Find Those Happy Aruba Vibes With Our ‘One Happy Island’ Playlist

We are here to bring you those happy island vibes you’re longing for! From lazy beach day tunes to local ABC island artists, and Caribbean shakin’ soca songs, here is a little mix of tunes for all to enjoy. Put your feet up, sip on a tropical cocktail and let all of your worries disappear!

Add these songs to your rotation and you’re sure to get a smile on your face and that happy Aruba feeling in no time!

Our “One Happy Island” YouTube Playlist:

  1. Palm Trees – Surfaces
  2. Don’t worry be happy – Bobby McFerrin
  3. Kokomo – Beach Boys
  4. Stir it Up – Bob Marley
  5. Dushi Bida – Jeon
  6. One Margarita – Luke Bryan
  7. ABC – Ir Sais, Ft. Rocco Flava & D.A.N.D.O.
  8. Toes – Zac Brown Band
  9. Dream Girl – Ir Sais
  10. Toast – Koffee
  11. Hello – Kes
  12. Boom Bam – Youth X Treme
  13. Pick Me Up – Sanctuary
  14. Every Little Thing Is Gonna Be Alright – Bob Marley
  15. Island Song – Zac Brown Band

Do you have any tunes that remind you of Aruba? Share them with us, we would love to include them in our next playlist!

If this playlist has inspired you to jetset to the happiest island in the Caribbean as soon as possible, make sure to visit our website so we can help you perfect your Aruba vacation plans!