Photo by The Pelican Nest Seafood & Grill Bar

9 Places to Satisfy Your Taco Cravings in Aruba

Tacos may not be the first food dish that pops up in your mind when thinking of Aruba’s cuisines and dining options. Well, I am here to tell you, they should be.

I’ve ventured around the island and compiled a list of some of the best places in Aruba to indulge in the divine Mexican culinary wonder, known as tacos. It was tough but someone had to do it… you’re welcome!

Lola Taqueria

Photo by Lola Taqueria

Oh taco, where art thou?  Palm Beach (high-rise hotel area), located at The Village. You will find Lola Taqueria just next door to Craft Coffee & Bar.

Time to indulge: Monday – Sunday, 5 PM – 1 AM

Why we should taco-bout it: Outdoor, colorful, vibrant and a hip scene. Lola uses quality and unique ingredients, offers a variety of homemade sauces to spice up your life and specialty cocktails to help wash down those delectables tacos!


Mexicado Restaurant of Hyatt Aruba

Oh taco, where art thou?  You will find Mexicado tucked away within the beautiful grounds of Hyatt Regency Resort Aruba in Palm Beach.

Time to indulge: Tuesday – Sunday, 6 – 10:30 PM.

Why we should taco-bout it: This location and ambiance is magical! Take the cobble stone staircase down and find yourself among an intimate grotto-like setting, with twinkling lights stringed over the enclosed patio, and chic indoor seating with grand windows overlooking the resort’s pond. Oh – and their tacos and craft cocktails are pretty darn good too.

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Lucy’s Retired Surfers Bar & Restaurant

Oh taco, where art thou? Across from the Renaissance Resort & Casino, along the dock of Renaissance Marina.

Time to indulge: Monday – Sunday, 11 AM – til’ the fun has come to an end

Why we should taco-bout it: Quite possibly the most serious Taco Tuesday on the island and it goes on all…day…long. What does Taco Tuesday entail you ask? $1 Beef Tacos, $3 margaritas and Coronitas and $4 Coronas! Their daily main menu also offers a variety of other taco options, such as mouth-watering fish and shrimp tacos!

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Fish House Island Bar & Restaurant

Oh taco, where art thou? Located at the Varadero Marina off of Bucutiweg, situated just South of the airport.

Time to indulge: Tuesday- Sunday, 11 AM – 12 AM

Why we should taco-bout it: Unique, quiet and relaxing location – come see a different side of Aruba and get away from all of the hustle and bustle! Enjoy fresh seafood tacos with a side of funchi (local delight) by the waterside, yes… pure bliss indeed.


Corals Patio of Holiday Inn Aruba

Oh taco, where art thou?  Outside patio of Corals Restaurant, located poolside, at Holiday Inn Resort Aruba.

Time to indulge: Tuesdays, 6 – 10 PM

Why we should taco-bout it: Situated on the resort’s outdoor patio,it is the perfect spot to enjoy the cool breeze and breathtaking beach view! The view may be amazing, but what really steals the show is the island’s largest all-you-can-eat taco station! For just $18 you can prep your taco just how you like it and enjoy as many as your foodie heart desires!

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Kulture Cafe Aruba

Photos by Kulture Cafe

Oh taco, where art thou? Located in the Nicolaas Store, at the end of the street art capital of the Caribbean, San Nicolas.

Time to indulge: Monday – Wednesday – Thursday, 8 AM – 4:30 PM and on Taco Tuesday, Friday and Saturday 8 AM – 8 PM, Sunday 8 AM – 2 PM, opening hours are subject to change

Why we should taco-bout it: Enjoy the excellent food, great ambiance in the heart of San Nicolas, and their amazing service that comes with a side of island hospitality.  I dare you to try their famous, secret recipe HOT taco sauce. It is SO good but I must warn you, please order a cold one to help put the fire out once you’ve cleaned your plate!


Gilligan’s Seafood Shack at Hilton Aruba

Oh taco, where art thou?  Beachside at the sunny and beautiful Hilton Aruba Caribbean Resort & Casino.

Time to indulge: Monday – Sunday, 11 AM – 5 PM (Lunch) and 6 – 9 PM (Dinner on the beach)

Why we should taco-bout it:Feed yourself with fresh fish tacos and feed your soul with seashore serenity! Located beachside at the mesmerizing Palm Beach, the view can’t get much better than this!

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El Mexicano Food Truck

Oh taco, where art thou?  Find this food truck in Noord, situated in a parking lot between Lekker Restaurant and Santa Anna Botica (Pharmacy).

Time to indulge: Tuesday – Saturday, 9 PM – 5 AM

Why we should taco-bout it: Are you a night owl that is always looking for a a late night snack to satisfy your food cravings? Well, if so, problem solved! This food truck has been a favorite for many years, to both locals and visitors alike! Do expect a line but know it is worth the wait. Their portions are generous and their ingredients and special sauces will have you coming back the next evening for more!


The Pelican Nest Seafood & Grill Bar

Oh taco, where art thou?Pelican Pier, located on Palm Beach in between Holiday Inn Resort Aruba and Playa Linda Resort.

Time to indulge: Monday – Sunday, 11 AM – 10 PM

Why we should taco-bout it: Where better to indulge in fish tacos than on a pier overlooking the calm, crystal clear, turqouise waters of the Caribbean? The views, the atmosphere and yes, the tacos… are perfection. Served with a side of tortilla chips and guacamole, your hunger cravings (along with fun cravings) are sure to be satisfied!

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Happy eating taco lovers!

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