Carnival Throwback: Colorful Costumes of the Last Decade

Carnival is here – Aruba’s biggest and most colorful party of the year! The One Happy Island celebrates their 66th carnival celebration in 2020, and as per usual, the Aruban community is happily enjoying every moment leading up to the grand parades.

In honor of Aruba’s Carnival Season, I thought it would be fun for us to take a look back at some colorful carnival costumes from the last decade.

Hope you enjoy this feathery and colorfully decorated blast from the past. Keep scrolling to check out some snapshots of happy Aruba carnival lovers from year 2010 up to 2019!


photo by Dushi Carnival Group (4)-min
Photo by Dushi Carnival Group


Photo by Rob DAvellar-min
Photo by Rob D’Avellar


photo by Luis Guillermo Pina Vilchez-min
Photo by Luis Guillermo Piña Vilchez


photo by clickcarnavaldotcom-min
Photo by


photo by Super S - CHOW-min
Photo by Super S – CHOW


photo by Nilton Lacle (2)-min
Photo by Nilton Lacle


photo by Empire Carnival Group-min
Photo by Empire Carnival Group


photo by Empire Carnival Group (3)-min
Photo by Empire Carnival Group


photo by TOB Carnival Group-min
Photo by TOB Carnival Group


photo by Champagne Carnival Group-min
Photo by Champagne Carnival Group

Feeling inspired to take glue-gun-action and bedazzle the heck out of your costume?  Perhaps now you feel that you MUST add glitter to your outfit for the carnival viewing party. Either way, whether you’ll be participating in the parades, or dancing behind the barricades, I hope this blog has helped boost your carnival vibes for the season!

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