Aruba is beautiful!

18 reasons why we love Aruba!

With March 18th national celebrations fresh in our minds, now is as good a time as any to share 18 things we love about Aruba with you. There are definitely many more, these are just a few. Let us know what you love about Aruba too!

  1. Aruba is beautiful!
  2. Aruba’s people make you feel at home every time
  3. Her white sandy beaches are among the best in the world
  4. Her trade winds provide natural and welcome cooling
  5. The sun is practically always shining
  6. The average year round temperature is 82F/28C
  7. The sea around Aruba is beautifully blue and never too cold
  8. Her rugged vistas are breathtaking
  9. It’s easy to get around and nowhere is very far
  10. There are many places for peace and quiet
  11. There are also many places where you can dance and enjoy great music
  12. The variety and quality of food is amazing
  13. Over 80 different nationalities live together and get along just fine
  14. A flight to Aruba is quicker than the average time people spend on their weekly commute in several US cities (e.g. New York, Newark, Chicago, Washington D.C.)
  15. We speak several languages – English, Dutch, Spanish and of course Papiamento
  16. Aruba remains one of the safest places to live in and travel to
  17. Aruba has the most amazing sunsets
  18. There’s something in Aruba for everyone’s taste!