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Aruba Live Flight Departure Times - all Airlines

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Airline Flight To Time Status Flight Alert
 Aruba Airlines AG501 Curaçao 07:15 Departed 07:16
 Divi Divi Air DI261 Curaçao 07:40 Departed 07:44
 Winair WM805 St. Maarten 08:00 Departed 08:15
 Insel Air 7I402 Curaçao 08:45 Departed 08:54
 Avianca AV8373 Bogota 10:22 Departed 10:32
 Conviasa V04035 Las Piedras 10:25 Departed 10:50
 American Airlines AA1036 Miami 10:25 Departed 10:27
 Aruba Airlines AG902 Georgetown 11:00 Departed 11:00
 Aruba Airlines AG507 Bonaire 11:30 Departed 11:39
 Aruba Airlines AG102 Maracaibo 11:55 Departed 11:43
 Turpial Airlines T98401 Valencia 13:00 Departed 13:52
 COPA Airlines CM505 Panama City 13:21 Departed 13:38
 Air Century Y2172 Santo Domingo 13:50 Departed 13:29
 Jetblue Airways B6774 Boston 14:07 Request
 Jetblue Airways B6958 New York (JFK) 14:25 Request
 Southwest Airlines WN1805 Baltimore/Washi.. 14:45 Request
 United Airlines UA1039 Newark 15:15 Request
 Delta Airlines DL722 New York (JFK) 15:25 Request
 Jetblue Airways B61412 Fort Lauderdale 15:32 Request
 American Airlines AA1028 Miami 15:41 Request
 Southwest Airlines WN1631 Fort Lauderdale 15:50 Request
 Westjet WS2795 Toronto 16:20 New Time 17:00 Request
 Delta Airlines DL654 Atlanta 16:40 Request
 Aruba Airlines AG503 Curaçao 16:45 Request
 Aruba Airlines AG821 Miami 16:45 Request
 United Airlines UA1043 Newark 16:54 Request
 Aruba Airlines AG903 Havana, Jose Ma.. 17:15 Request
 American Airlines AA1346 Charlotte 17:38 Request
 Jetblue Airways B61858 New York (JFK) 17:59 Request
 Avianca AV8381 Bogota 18:18 Request
 Divi Divi Air DI283 Curaçao 18:25 Request
 KLM Royal Dutch Ai.. KL769 Bonaire 19:10 Request
 Insel Air 7I406 Curaçao 19:20 Request

All information courtesy of the Aruba Airport Authority

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