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Aruba Live Flight Arrival Times - all Airlines

See also live flight departure times.

Airline Flight From Time Status Flight Alert
 Avianca AV070 Bogota 09:20 Request
 Divi Divi Air DI268 Curaçao 10:35 Request
 American Airlines AA872 Charlotte 11:38 Request
 COPA Airlines CM502 Panama City 12:13 Request
 Jetblue Airways B6557 New York (JFK) 12:20 Request
 Jetblue Airways B6773 Boston 12:22 Request
 Southwest Airlines WN1824 Baltimore/Washi.. 12:35 Request
 Aruba Airlines AG908 Camaguey Agramo.. 13:00 Request
 United Airlines UA1040 Newark 13:19 Request
 Delta Airlines DL484 New York (JFK) 13:25 Request
 Jetblue Airways B61411 Fort Lauderdale 13:25 Request
 American Airlines AA870 Philadelphia 13:43 Request
 Southwest Airlines WN3030 Fort Lauderdale 13:45 Request
 American Airlines AA874 Charlotte 13:47 Request
 Sky High Aviation .. DO930 Santo Domingo 14:05 Request
 Air Century Y2171 Santo Domingo 14:05 Request
 American Airlines AA1028 Miami 14:10 Request
 Divi Divi Air DI278 Curaçao 14:15 Request
 Delta Airlines DL655 Atlanta 14:40 Request
 Spirit NK885 Fort Lauderdale 14:50 Request
 Air Canada AC1294 Toronto 15:00 Request
 United Airlines UA1042 Newark 15:00 Request
 COPA Airlines CM348 Panama City 15:17 Request
 United Airlines UA1804 Houston 15:30 Request
 Southwest Airlines WN6804 Baltimore/Washi.. 15:50 Request
 Jetblue Airways B6757 New York (JFK) 15:53 Request
 American Airlines AA1346 Charlotte 15:56 Request
 KLM Royal Dutch Ai.. KL767 Amsterdam 16:00 Request
 Avianca AV090 Bogota 16:20 Request
 EZ Air EZ707 Curaçao 16:45 Request
 TUI OR362 Amsterdam 17:45 Request
 Latam 4C4372 Bogota 17:58 Request
 Divi Divi Air DI282 Curaçao 18:00 Request
 Wingo P57004 Bogota 18:29 Request
 Winair WM806 St. Maarten 19:45 Request
 Aruba Airlines AG510 Bonaire 21:15 Request
 American Airlines AA2217 Miami 21:42 Request

All information courtesy of the Aruba Airport Authority

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