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Traveling with Pets

To enter Aruba the dog or cat must have lived continuously in a country with a low percentage of rabies for 6 months preceding the travel date or must be born and have lived in the country of birth continuously until the date of travel. Pets may not enter Aruba from any country with a high percentage of rabies.

Animals traveling or originating from South and Central America are prohibited in Aruba, unless they are part of the moving household and a certificate of no objection is issued by the Veterinary Service Aruba.

Important requirements for dogs and cats traveling into Aruba from abroad:

  • A valid International Veterinary Health Certificate issued within 14 days prior to arrival in Aruba and endorsed by the USDA (if traveling from the US)
  • A valid rabies shot and inoculation certificate.
  • A microchip for identification when entering Aruba.
  • Application for Import Permit.

See guidelines for pet travel for US cats and dogs

About the rabies shot: the pet should have the microchip already inserted at the moment of the rabies vaccination; if this is the first rabies vaccine ever, this must be given at least 30 days before entering Aruba; if your pet has a 3-year rabies vaccine and is still valid, no re-vaccination is needed

The veterinarian can assist with the endorsement by the USDA and should check the USDA/APHIS website regularly for updates to make sure the proper international certificate is used because it has been changed recently.

A scan of all relevant paperwork should be sent by email to the Veterinary Service of Aruba before traveling and if everything is correct you will receive a reply with a pre-approval which can be printed to facilitate the process at the local customs when arriving in Aruba.

To view more on these important requirements please visit:

Owners of all other species are advised to contact the Veterinary Service in Aruba prior to arrival in Aruba. A copy of all required documents can be sent to the Veterinary Service in Aruba by email or by fax at +297 585-1828. A decision will normally be made within 24 hours and depends on the species and on the country of origin.

Please be advised that some species, such as conch shells, sea turtles, turtle eggs, parrots, iguanas, sea stars and any form of coral, are protected under the CITES (Convention of International Trade in Endangered Species). Therefore it is illegal to import or export any of above species or only with a CITES permit. The Veterinary Service in Aruba is responsible for issuing CITES permits.

To travel in the passenger compartment, the dog cannot weigh more than 20 pounds and must fit inside an airline approved carrier. The dog must be able to stand up and turn around in the carrier.

Upon entry you have to declare to Aruba customs that you are bringing in a dog or cat so Customs can check the necessary paperwork. For visitors leaving Aruba on a flight to the US, you need to declare your bringing in a dog or cat at US customs so they can check they paperwork.

Not complying with above regulations means that the dog or cat may be refused and that the authorities can decide to return the pet to his home country or to place the pet in quarantine at the expense of the owner.

For more information, please feel free to contact the Veterinary Service in Aruba

Contact Person: Irene Croes
Address: Barcadera 1
Aruba, Dutch Caribbean
Phone: +297 585 0400
Fax : +297 585 1828

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