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Moving to Aruba


Tourists may enter Aruba without a written permit and may remain for a period not exceeding 14 days. For tourists who are subjects of countries which have an agreement with the Kingdom of the Netherlands to abolish the visa obligation - this agreement also being applicable to Aruba - the aforementioned period is three months. Citizens of the Netherlands or the Netherlands Antilles may stay up to six months.

More information on Aruba visas , Aruba entry requirements and Aruba residence permits

Temporary Permits

The same conditions stated above are required for a temporary residence-permit. The persons concerned are not allowed to work, to look for or accept work without the explicit consent of the authority who issued the (written) temporary residence-permit. Neither are they permitted to do business, participate in any business, or start any business on the island.

Permanent Residence Permit

When requesting a residence-permit without a working permit, one must submit certain documents that could include:

  • bank references indicating that the applicant is financially self-supporting or any other proof that he/she will not become a financial burden to the local government or community
  • the home and business addresses for the last ten years
  • the reasons for wanting to reside in Aruba
  • police-clearance (good conduct-paper, not older than 2 months)

Persons desiring a permanent residence-permit must be in possession of:

  • a passport valid for Aruba
  • three passport photographs of true likeness
  • a valid vaccination certificate for smallpox, not more than three years old
  • a medical declaration that the holder is not suffering from any contagious disease or mental sickness, issued within 30 days before the trip started
  • a proof of payment of the required legal fee

Temporary or Permanent Work Permit

Any foreigners who want to exercise a profession must have a work permit. The work permit will normally be granted only if there are no qualified persons locally available. In general, requests for work-permits will only be taken into consideration if filed through a local employer, who has to accept full responsibility for any possible expenses to be made by the government relative to the employee(s). 

Written Permits

With the exception of tourists, all other persons should have a written permit to prove their legal presence on the island. This means that one (unless a tourist) should not travel to or be on the island pending a request for a residence-and/or work permit.


For complete information on different types of permits for different scenarios, one would need to contact the department below.

Departamento di Integracion, Maneho y Admision di Stranhero (DIMAS)
The Directorate of Alien Integration, Policy and Admission

Paardenbaaistraat # 11
Oranjestad, Aruba

Phone +297 522 1500
Visit website

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