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Catamaran Regatta

The famous Heineken Aruba Catamaran Regatta draws top sailors from all over the world to race in one of the best Catamaran events in the world. The warm trade winds and crystal waters make this a sailor's heaven and it is obvious why teams continue to come back as nothing comes closer to excellence than sailing in Aruba. The offshore breezes (Beaufort 3 - 5) guarantee the seas are slight and the races are run on time and close to the beach giving everyone the opportunity to see what is going on.

Eight races in total takes place every year. There are two races per day, plus a semi long distance and a long distance race along the pristine beaches and through the impressive lagoons that surround Aruba.

The competitors vary in skill from aficionados to world champions and everyone enjoys the close racing and camaraderie of all the nationalities taking part. The races tend to last roughly one hour with the exception of the long distance race and are held close to the beach, providing excellent vision for the non-sailors watching from the beach.

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