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Super Bowl Sunday in Aruba

When February 07, 2021 (all day)


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Super Bowl Sunday in Aruba

We LOVE Our Visitors Here in Aruba!
Can you guess what Nationality our TOP ARUBA-LOVING VISITORS have? Yep  - you guessed right: U.S.A. The Americans have been holding the #1 spot for being the biggest Aruba Lovers for years, AND COUNTING! This is exactly why we celebrate with YOU, America, when it comes to THE SUPER BOWL.

This ANNUAL EVENT, although primarily celebrated in the United States of America, is viewed globally by millions of people. Whether its due to the adrenaline-pumping game antics, phenomenal (and muy costly) commercials, or just an excuse to get together with friends and family, the football-related festivities definitely make for THE  SUNDAY FUNDAY OF THE YEAR!

If you're wondering what to do, or WHERE TO GO WATCH the 2021 Super Bowl LV game, check out the Aruba football-friendly activities below to discover fun game day parties, specials, events, and deals! Who will YOU be cheering on this time around?

*Specials and offers are published as soon as they are released!

Super Bowl Sunday in Aruba

(all day)
Event category: Main Events

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