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Seroe Preto House of Lights

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Seroe Preto House of Lights

Every year the town of Seroe Preto in San Nicolas lights up for the holiday season - more specifically known as Cas di Luz of Seroe Preto!

In mid-December until the beginning of January you will find a stunning lighting display featuring a different theme each year. On weekends, local bands will perform, bringing out families and neighbors to share the festive ambiance together.

On the last evening many locals gather to greet friends and family and wish them well throughout the year, which has turned into a beloved holiday tradition for many!

When the clock strikes midnight the lights shut off, marking the end of the holiday season and time for Carnival to take off! 

Admission to walk through this magical, Christmas land is free... don't forget your camera!

Seroe Preto House of Lights

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Cas di Luz
Seroe Preto, San Nicolas, Aruba
Event category: Holiday

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