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Faro Blanco - Eat Local 2017

3 Course Dinner for $ 40.00


This offer has passed


Faro Blanco Restaurant view map
Faro Blanco - Eat Local 2017

This month-long event throughout October highlights authentic Aruban cuisine.

Restaurants’ prix-fixe menus allow visitors to enjoy local cuisine for a very reasonable price, with lunches costing $15 and dinners $30- $40.

Experience Eat Local at Faro Blanco - Serving delicious, authentic Italian food with a local inspiration, not to mention some of the most breathtaking views, situated by the famous California Lighthouse!

Join them for lunch as well! View their offered lunch menu here.

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Faro Blanco Restaurant

California Lighthouse Z/N L.G. Smith Blvd, Noord, Aruba
Faro Blanco - Eat Local 2017
5:00PM - 11:00PM
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