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Photo by: Land Sailing Aruba Active Vacations

Land Sailing

What is land sailing?

Land sailing is the sport of moving over sand and land, using a kart carrying a sail for wind propulsion. The Aruban plains are the perfect spot for this way of sailing! The wind-driven kart is light and comparatively small and is mounted on 3 wheels.

The front wheel is attached to a system that steers the kart. You have to steer with your legs! Controlling the kart also requires control over the sail. It is almost comparable to the skills needed for sailing a normal (though easy-going) water boat.

The sail is controlled using a rope, which is pulled to "sheet in" and loosened for "sheeting out". The harder one pulls the rope, the faster one goes.

Aruba-visitors who tempted the wind for the first time on a kart like this, can tell you that the thrill comes just as fast as the skill! Beginners can easily sail themselves into a more experienced level within only one session! Downwind or upwind sailing, doing a slalom course, or even a 360 degree turn are among the options. Anyone between 12 and 88 can learn to land sail.

Aruba Active Vacations gives you the opportunity to try this exciting sport in Aruba, providing the necessary instruction, land sailing equipment and safety gear.

Land Sailing Operator

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Organization Land Sailing Aruba Active Vacations

Land sailing crafts can reach 2 to 3 times the speed of the accompanying wind. Under normal wind conditions, land sailors may reach even 35 mph. Land sailing on Aruba is exciting... your ultimate fun in the sun. Aruba Active Vacations is the only company which provides land sailing on Aruba. Land sailing is quite easy to learn. You are navigating with your legs and you control the sail with a sheet rope. Just pull the rope to sheet in to step on the gas and refrain from pulling the rope for sheeting out and slowing down. The sail is about 5 square meters in size. Just sheet in and hold on for the ride of your life. Dare to do something you have never done before.

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