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Aruba Investment Opportunities

Sustainable Growth and Strategic Advantage

Aruba's strategic roadmap envisions a diversified economic ecosystem, highlighting six Promising Sectors: Tourism, Knowledge Economy, Agriculture, Logistics, Circular Economy and Creative Industries.

For investors with a discerning eye, Aruba presents a landscape with considerable opportunities. Aruba's focus lies in attracting ventures that emphasize skill proficiency, capital allocation, global reach, and pioneering innovation. 

Why Aruba Stands Out for Investment:

Lifestyle Quotient

  • Experience an elevated quality of life stemming from a high living standard.
  • Aruba's idyllic weather and pivotal location make it a compelling choice for business enterprises.

Geographic Advantage

  • Situated strategically, Aruba bridges North and South America, while also providing a nexus between Latin America and Europe.
  • State-of-the-art infrastructure underpins this geographic leverage. Telecommunication in Aruba is amongst the region's best, ensuring seamless connectivity.

Global Business Environment

  • Thrive in a market-centric economy backed by a robust service sector and a proficient multilingual talent pool.

Affiliation with the Kingdom of the Netherlands

  • Benefit from a robust legal framework, ensuring a secure business and residential environment.

Fiscal Benefits and Financial Services

  • Leverage a favorable tax framework, with a competitive corporate tax rate of 22%.
  • Special incentives await those investing in Aruba's Promising Sectors.
  • Aruba’s banking sector adheres to top-tier international benchmarks, with the Aruban florin consistently pegged to the US dollar. This ensures easy international transactions.
  • Comprehensive financial services include trust, insurance, and a wide spectrum of investment solutions.

Educational Excellence

  • Aruba's education mirrors the Dutch system's strengths, with both public and private institutions like the International School of Aruba.
  • The University of Aruba, accredited by NVAO (Nederlands-Vlaamse Accreditatieorganisatie), provides courses up to Masters Level.

Important address:

Department of Economic Affairs, Commerce & Industry

L.G. Smith Boulevard 160
Oranjestad, Aruba
Tel: +297 521 2400
Fax: +297 583 4494

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