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"Carnival in Aruba"

by Victoria M. Razak-Cole

Cenda Publishing, New York


(Available on Amazon)

The Carnival of Aruba has been celebrated with enormous joy and creativity for over forty years. This book describes the origins and history of the Island's carnival, and the principal characters, masquerade groups, and music found in the costume parades and seasonable jump-ups. Carnival is a public festival which takes place just before Lent, a period of fasting and penitence for Catholics. It is also a time for all Arubans to take to the streets for the biggest party of the year -- six long weeks of jump-ups, competitions, parties and costumed parades. Aruba's carnival is based on the Trinidad carnival which was introduced to the Island by British West Indian immigrants in the 1940's, but today the festival incorporates many native Aruban festive traditions and cultural expressions. In addition, over many decades of immigration and social interaction with other regions, the festivities have absorbed elements of other carnivals, especially those of Venezuela, Brazil, Holland and North America. This expressive mix of music patterns, competitive events, and contrasting cultural styles reflects also the ethnic diversity of this multi-cultural nation. Carnival in Aruba is enjoyed each year by visitors to the Island from all of the world.

About the author:

Victoria Razak has taught cultural anthropology at Millard Fillmore Academic College of the State University of New York, and at Niagara County Community College, NY. This book comes from her doctoral research on music, festival, and identity on Aruba, from which she has also published several articles.

For more information you can contact Mrs. Razak-Cole via E-mail

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