Photo by Santos Coffee with Soul

7 Cozy Coffee Spots in Aruba

Grab a friend, your current read or if you must work… your laptop or iPhone (eye roll), and head to one of these delightful coffee cafés in Aruba! Can’t you just smell the coffee aromas filling the air already?

Santos Coffee with Soul

Location: In front of Casa del Mar, across from Alhambra Mall.

Delectable delights: A large variety of warm or iced coffees, funky milkshakes, breakfast and lunch bites, desserts, and happy hour!

Ambiance: Cozy indoor and outdoor terrace seating. A perfect environment to get some work done or catch up with friends over drinks!

Photo by Santos Coffee with Soul
The Coffee Table

Location: Antraco Plaza, nearby the Wendy’s L.G. Smith Blvd.

Delectable delights: Cozy and quaint vintage themed café, serving delicious coffees, teas, wine, beer, lunch bites, desserts, and more!

Ambiance: A cozy and quaint vintage themed indoor café. Grab your morning coffee to go or pop in for a yummy lunch.

Photo by The Coffee Table
Aruba Experience Café & Patisserie

Location: Downtown, situated on John G Emanstraat.

Delectable delights: A large variety of unique breakfast and lunch dishes with a local twist, delectable coffees, fresh fruit smoothies, happy hour, and more!

Ambiance: A colorful and vibrant little traditional cunucu house with indoor and outdoor seating. Make sure to snap some pictures, this café is super insta-worthy!

Photo by Aruba Experience Café

Location: Conveniently situated at three different locations, the lobby of Aruba Marriott Resort, Renaissance Mall and Renaissance Marketplace.

Delectable delights: Offering any and every drink combination your heart desires. Pick and choose your favorite ingredients and flavors to perfect your coffee or tea to your liking. Remember you are on an island so you may want to opt for a refreshing frozen or iced drink!

Ambiance: I think just about all of us are familiar with what the inside of a Starbucks looks like, but do you know what makes this one extra special? It’s located in Aruba! Tip: Sit on the outdoor patio to feel that warm sunshine and watch the palm trees sway in the breeze.

Photo by Starbucks Aruba
Coffee House Aruba

Location: Nearby downtown, situated on De La Sallestraat.

Delectable delights: Known for their famous Smit & Dorlas specialty coffees that pack quite a punch. Let’s just say their coffee is well respected. Their menu also offers a variety of pastries, cakes, paninis, salads, and quiches – yum!

Ambiance: A warm, cozy and quiet café, offering indoor and outdoor seating. A perfect setting to read that book you’ve been meaning to finish.

Photo by Coffee House Aruba
Kulture Café Aruba

Location: In the San Nicolas Community Museum (Nicolaas Store), located on the bottom floor of a quaint monument, filled with character and history, recently restored for everyone to enjoy.

Delectable delights: From sweet pastries to cold refreshing juice, to strong coffee, tasty tacos (psst they have a Taco Tuesday), yummy breakfast dishes, and much, much more…  their menu selection is sure to impress you!

Ambiance: Cozy, quaint and full of character. With an indoor/outdoor setting, it is the perfect place to escape the hot sun and enjoy the island breeze with a cold beverage. This cafe is not only located in a bright and colorful building but the friendly service absolutely matches the ambiance!

Juan Valdez Café

Location: Now located at three different locations! Alhambra Mall in the low-rise hotel area, downtown on Mainstreet by Aruba Bank and it is said there is one coming soon at the new D Shop store (next to Super Food).

Delectable delights: A wide selection of delicious, pure Colombian coffee! Juan Valdez is a favorite for many coffee lovers on the go. Despite being an international coffee chain they serve nothing but the best quality beans!

Ambiance: Cozy and chic, this modern café is the perfect setting to get some work done or catch up with friends.

Photo by Juan Valdez Café Aruba

Location: Situated towards the middle of the island in Santa Cruz.

Delectable delights: A full selection of local snacks, fresh bread, cakes, pastries, lunch bites, coffee, and fresh juices!

Ambiance: When entering this bright and colorful little cunucu style house you will instantly feel the warm, local, family feel. Suggestion: Order their Pika Kroket or Cheeseball, trust me you will not be disappointed. Don’t forget to snap a picture, this place is just too cute!

Photo by Huchada Aruba

Article last updated on November 12, 2020