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Aruba AA Meetings Schedule

AA meetings are held nearly every morning at 7:30 a.m.

Al Anon has a meeting on Monday nights.

Joy for Living

AA Noord

7:30AM Monday (Speaker), Tuesday (Living Sober), Wednesday, Thursday, Friday, Saturday
6:00PM Fridays
7:00PM Tuesday (Big Book Study), Thursday, Saturday
12:30PM Sunday
8:00PM Tuesday, Thursday (Spanish) - Martes, Jueves (español)
Al-Anon 6:00PM Monday


AA Group

San Nicolas

8:00PM Monday, Wednesday

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How to get to District Noord Meetings:

Go east on Palm Beach blvd.
From the high rise hotels (Hyatt, Westin, etc.) go east approximately 1 mile until you get to a stoplight where there is a little blue and white police station at the northeast corner of the intersection. Stay headed east approximately 1 mile around a long bend in the road to the right...and then slow way down to look for a little orange-colored building (address: Sabana Liber 8) on the right side of the street...just past a Chinese market on the left. The building has the marking of a triangle with a circle in the middle.

Contact phone numbers: +297 564 8575 | +297 597 1850 | +297 735 2200 | +297 592 5077 | +297 567 9191 | +1 908 963 4648

Contact email:

For more information please view their official website here.

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